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About Us

HSP is an independent news organization owned and managed by journalists. There are no "empty suits" to disrupt the newsroom with surprise reorganizations or long-winded internal memos. No rigid corporate policies. No office politics.

Instead, we maintain an informal, yet hard-driving environment where editors and reporters are free to immerse themselves in their beats and stay in constant contact with sources in the financial and real estate markets we cover.

We publish four highly regarded weekly newsletters — Real Estate Alert, Hedge Fund Alert, Commercial Mortgage Alert and Asset-Backed Alert – with other products on the drawing board. Our subscribers are well educated, fiercely competitive and handsomely paid dealmakers with an insatiable appetite for fresh business leads. For that reason, we place a high value on reporters who regularly break big news stories.

To attract strong journalists and other high-caliber staffers, HSP offers generous pay – plus an impressive benefits package.

Work For Us

Do your career a favor by checking out the following positions available at Harrison Scott. If you're interested, send a cover letter, resume and clips to:

Andy Albert
Harrison Scott Publications
Fax: 201-659-4141
Or mail them to:
5 Marine View Plaza,
Suite #400
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Business News Editor
We’re seeking a journalist who is highly skilled at editing stories about commercial real estate finance and investment for content and style. The ideal candidate will have sharp rewriting and copy-editing skills, but this is far more than a copy-editing job. The editor will work closely with reporters on assignments and ensure that our scoop-oriented articles are presented accurately, concisely and in context for our high-powered readers. At least five years of business-editing experience is required.

Business Reporters

We're seeking scoop-oriented reporters for our four weekly financial publications. You should have three years of reporting experience with hard-news clips from an online news service, daily newspaper, or weekly publication. Business-news experience is a definite plus. We offer generous salaries, impressive benefits and an informal work environment.

You’d be joining a 30-year-old financial news organization well recognized in the commercial real estate market, bond market and hedge fund industry.

Benefits of Working at Harrison Scott

Health insurance. Comprehensive health benefits, including prescription coverage. And Harrison Scott pays for just about all of your coverage.

Don't need health insurance? Harrison Scott adds $2,500 a year to the salary of employees opting out of family health-insurance coverage.

Life insurance. Each employee gets up to $300,000 of life insurance, as well as short- and long-term disability, and workers compensation coverage.

Profit-sharing. To reward employees for the company's success, Harrison Scott allocates a portion of its profits to employees' tax-deferred profit-sharing accounts. The annual amount in recent years has averaged about $5,000 per employee.

401(K) plan. A retirement savings plan is available to all full-time employees.

Vacation. Every year, Harrison Scott closes its editorial operations during Christmas and New Years weeks and during the two weeks prior to Labor Day -- which means everyone gets four weeks off.

Personal days. In addition to vacation time, employees are entitled to an additional six days off for illness or other personal reasons. We encourage you to use all six days every year.

Paid maternity leave. A pregnant employee who has been with Harrison Scott for at least one year is entitled to 12 consecutive weeks of leave with full salary.

Paid holidays. The company is closed for at least 11 holidays each year.

High-Speed Internet Service. HSP reimburses up to $400 of annual fees paid for DSL, cable or satellite Internet service. The company offers this benefit to encourage you to use a high-speed service at home, which makes it easier to access your office PC.

Health-club fees. HSP reimburses up to $250 of annual fees for health-club membership or physical fitness programs.

Pre-tax expenses. Employees may choose to have certain discretionary expenses deducted from their paychecks -- and reap savings by paying for some expenses on a pre-tax basis.

7 Reasons to Work at Harrison Scott

1. Journalists call the shots.
Our company is owned and managed by seasoned journalists who are committed to high-quality news reporting and writing.

2. Our stories make a splash.
Your reporting can change the outcome of billion-dollar transactions and influence the actions of our high-powered readers.

3. A warm, informal setting.
Although we're hard-driving, the newsroom atmosphere is informal and friendly -- making for a pleasant work environment.

4. No corporate nonsense.
Harrison Scott is a small, private company free of the politics, down-sizings and shareholder pressure that characterize big companies.

5. Who says there's no such thing?
Free lunch every Thursday.

6. Room to grow.
There's plenty of opportunity for advancement at Harrison Scott, where we're working to launch more newsletters and develop high-caliber products that support our publications.

Not only will you start with generous compensation, but our policy is to reward strong performers with substantial raises. Harrison Scott's comprehensive benefits package is second to none -- and perks are constantly being added.

Contact Us

Harrison Scott Publications
5 Marine View Plaza,
Suite #400
Hoboken, N.J. 07030-5795

Tel: 201-659-1700
Fax: 201-659-4141
E-mail: info@hspnews.com

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